Daily New:Hermes TPM 30 Negonda leather garden party tote bag

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Hermes TPM 30 Negonda leather garden party tote bag light grey



Hermes TPM 30 Negonda leather garden party tote bag bougainvillea

Hermes TPM 30 Negonda leather garden party tote bag royal blue


Hermes TPM 30 Negonda leather garden party tote bag orange




In keeping with our  ‘travel’ theme, here is our pick of our top three Chanel travel bags.
You have chosen your holiday destination, your outfits have been prepared, but now you need to know what suitcase will accompany you. There is nothing like travelling in complete style, and what better way then do it with Chanel?
If you want a chic and recognizable piece from our Chanel collection, here are some of our favourite Chanel travel bags.
1. Chanel caviar leather travel bag 2016SS Black
The perfect bag to carry your airport travel essentials. Chic, stylish and classy.


2) Chanel black leather ruthenium metal bag
This bag extremely lightweight and makes the perfect travelling companion.

3) Chanel Trolley Suitcase



Chanel suitcase, holiday, adventure, and style are the perfect recipe for happiness. This cabin-sized Chanel suitcase is crafted from black nylon with a printed quilting pattern on the front and has two additional zipped front compartments. Its two carry handles and one pull handle makes this a practical piece. This chic case is finished with matte silver hardware. Perfect for travelling in style.


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our website:www.hqebags.tech ,much more products are here and will update new products every day,wish your kindly fllowing:)
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Delvaux Brillant Sellier super quality bag


Delvaux Brillant Bag featuring top handle and iconic buckle. The Brillant Bag was created back in 1958 in Brussels, and has been the brand’s icon since then. The bag features a flap front with a D buckle closure. It has a trapeze shape and a rolled top handle. It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder with its adjustable and detachable flat shoulder strap. The interior is made of leather and comes with various pockets.


As the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world, Delvaux was founded in 1829 in Brussels, Belgium. Today, the company continues to create stunningly handcrafted handbags and luxurious leather goods that stand the test of time. Delvaux is for 80% managed by Fung Brands and 20% by François Schwennicke, Executive Chairman and Marco Probst, CEO of the House.


Hermes Halzan Bag


Hermes Halzan Bag is the latest design from Hermes for their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection which was recently released July 2014. The Halzan Bag is made of Calfskin leather and features a front belt buckle detail. It is a tote bag that can be folded turning it into a messenger bag as it includes a removable and adjustable straps. It is lightweight and spacious enough to fit an iPad.
There is one pocket inside the bag, and two large pockets at the back. It is currently only available in one size, but it comes in various colors .

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Hermes Bolide Tote Bag Reference Guide

Introducing the Hermes Bolide Bag. The Bolide bag dates back in 1923 when Emile-Maurice Hermès created this handbag for his wife that will be used for an automobile event in Paris. This is the first handbag to ever use a zipper. It is a domed top handle bag with a zip around closure. It also includes a removable leather shoulder strap. There are two styles available for the Bolide, “mou” which means soft and “rigide” which means hard. It comes in four sizes, 27cm, 31cm, 35cm and 45cm. The 31cm size is size that is most suited for everyday wear while the 45cm is recommended for traveling.


Where To Buy
Currently, the Hermes Bolide Bag is available in Hermes boutiques and their online store:

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The history of the Hermes Birkin Bag: “It’s not a bag.It’s a Birkin”


-Sex and the City

I’ve often felt like perhaps I wasn’t born in quite the right era. Perhaps I would have suited the roaring twenties better? Or perhaps the 50s? No, it was without a doubt the 60s that would’ve been my style. A little feminist revolutionary rocking and rolling to the new found groove. I love the make-up, the style and I love the stars that emerged from this fantastic era.


One in particular, Jane Birkin, regularly inspired my teenage looks, even before my passion for Hermes was nurtured. During the late 1960s she had the chic, edgy but elegant style arena wrapped up. She was the epitome of natural beauty with her swinging London fashion easing her into the cool counter cultures and a fantasy film repertoire. Birkin appeared in the psychedelic film ‘Wonderwall’ (1968) and then co-starring alongside Serge Gainsbourg in ‘Slogan’ (1969). The two performed a duet that was to cause scandal for its sexual explicitness and was banned on radio in UK, Spain and Italy. And so began her career. Actress, singer and style icon Jane Birkin was born.

The style facet is the one that interests me the most. She has such a classic, natural beauty and yet she was always ahead of her time and a true trendsetter. Carrying a basket out to black-tie events, wearing her hair in bangs, the sex kitten black kohl – all looks to be emulated across the globe by young admiring women.

It was Hermes that would eventually immortalise Jane Birkin’s name in fashion history. As the story goes Birkin was sat next to Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight from Paris to London in 1981. After placing her infamous straw bag in the overhead compartment the contents fell out all over the plane’s floor, including her Hermes diary.  Birkin confessed to Dumas that it had been difficult to find a leather weekend bag she liked. Thus, in 1984, he created a roomy black leather bag just for her.
The Birkin bag personifies Jane Birkin’s style completely. It is classic, beautiful and timeless. Always in fashion and forever coveted, Hermes captured the stars aura exactly. If only we could step back in time and swing out in a denim flare and middle parting to boot!


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our website:www.hqebags.tech ,much more products are here and will update new products every day,wish your kindly fllowing:)
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